Nad Łąkami
Nad Łąkami Dębina, by the sea. It was dreamed up by Sylwia 9 years ago. At first, she was coming here for weekends to escape from the daily noise. In June 2014, the stylish buildings with comfortable apartments and guest rooms were ready. And until the paths of Sylwia and Leszek joined in one,  Nad Łąkami (By the Meadows) hosted guests during the summer season only. Now, they are available the whole year.

Come for holiday, weekend or just a moment. We do our best to make our guests feel at HOME.

Sylwia i Leszek


Nad Łąkami (By the Meadows) is surrounded by the high thorn hedge and behind it, right up to the line of pines bending over the Baltic beach, spread the peaty meadows. Two houses sit among the old tress and blooming bushes, each with comfortable apartments, guest rooms and kitchen integrated with a dining room, a living room and a patio opening onto the garden. Nearby, there is a recreation building with the mini gym and billiard room which can serve as a training room for 14 people. Together with the spacious green area, it can be a place for small events and workshops.

Dom Nad Łąkami

We miss the silence. Being quiet. Wandering through the fields. And meadows. Through the forest that whispers but doesn’t waffle, where there’s no chattering, no buzz.

Ryszard Kapuściński

If you like this vision, you are at HOME:) You will love Nad Łąkami (By the Meadows). Sipping coffee in the patio and wine by the fireplace, fragrant meadows, old oaks, pine forest and golden beach, peace and time which slowed down.


In Nad Łąkami (By the Meadows) we will feed you well and healthy, using vegetables and fruit grown in our home garden and greenhouse, local products and home made preserves: pickled vegetables, jams and liqueurs prepared during summer and autumn evenings.

We serve meals in the patio or in the dining room with one large table, like at HOME so you can enjoy both, your meal and conversations. Someone once said: “heaven is a table with friends sitting around it.”

Dom Nad Łąkami


  • Apartamenty nad morzem, Apartments by the sea


Dębina is located right by the Slowinski National Park with landscapes that amaze at every season of the year and a fascinating history. Here, you will find wild beaches, steep cliffs, forest tracks and meadows – bursting with colors in spring and summer, sprinkled with grey dew and mist in autumn, white in winter. It is a perfect place for those who love to lie on the beach, walk or run, for cyclists and even skiing enthusiasts.

Dom Nad Łąkami
Dom Nad Łąkami
Dom Nad Łąkami
Dom Nad Łąkami